The Getz Group is a highly diversified group of companies with a mission to continue creating opportunities for the ‘Mutual Growth and Success for all we serve and work with’. With over 160 years of commitment to excellence in international marketing and distribution, today we are a leading and trusted sales, marketing, distribution, sourcing, manufacturing and licensing business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Over the years, The Group has continued to grow through mergers and acquisitions, investment in existing businesses and development of new business ventures with our business partners.

The Getz Group has its core operations in the Asia-Pacific region from where we provide a wide range of products and services to our valued business partners and customers in over 50 countries across 6 continents; utilising our 150 facilities that comply with all major international standards while employing a dedicated team of more than 18,000 people worldwide and executing over 1 million transactions every month.


Whilst maintaining a profitable relationship with our business partners and credibility with our customers, we have continually achieved 11% compound annual growth.

Getz Group's Revenue Graph 2015-2019

Our History

Our history goes back to 1852 when 2 brothers, Joseph and Max Getz opened a small general store to serve the local community, having settled in Northern California after emigrating from Eastern Europe. 
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Our Success Model

Our mutual growth and success is achieved through our 5:5 success model highlighting our core values and key success factors that shape our corporate culture and make us a trusted name in every market we serve. 
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