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The Getz Group is a highly diversified group of companies, with a mission to continue creating opportunities for the ‘Mutual Growth and Success for all’. With a 160-year legacy in international marketing and distribution, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in sales, marketing, distribution, sourcing, manufacturing, and licensing across the Asia-Pacific region, with expansion into the Middle East and Africa.

Throughout our journey, The Group has consistently expanded its reach by nurturing our established organizations, forging new ventures with valued partners, and strategically acquiring new businesses. We take pride in our profitable partnerships, customer credibility, and a dedicated global workforce of over 21,500 talented people, who contribute towards achieving revenues exceeding $2 billion.


The Getz Group comprises of numerous wholly and partially owned companies, spread across the globe. Each of our companies, categorized into six strategic business units, operate with independence and autonomy. They leverage on The Group’s extensive network, expertise, resources and geographical outreach, which has been built over decades across diverse sectors and industries.

Our business is built on entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, forward-thinking and insight;
and strong business values that ensure continuous success for everyone we work with.

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