Over the years, we have been helping our business partners grow in existing and new markets. At every stage of business, we make sure we provide them with innovative and value-added products, services and end-users solutions that meet and exceed their unique business needs.

Our products and services extend across highly diversified market segments and industries. These industries are organized into six main categories operating as our Strategic Business Units (SBUs), which are operated through our member companies who take pride in adding value to our business partners, customers, employees and communities at large.
We develop, manufacture and market pharmaceutical and biotechnology products along with providing comprehensive and customized marketing, distribution and supply chain management solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Through our member companies, we provide high-tech and innovative medical devices, equipment and clinical software with a comprehensive range of services for the healthcare industry.
We offer products and services to consumer industry that include marketing, distribution and retail management of fast-moving consumer goods, health and beauty products, fashion accessories and food services. We are also engaged in manufacturing and exporting premium quality processed tropical fruits and frozen snacks and vegetables to several international markets.
We offer a wide array of architectural supplies and services for the construction and property development industry, a complete and efficient high-end office solution for commercial interiors as well as a range of interiors solutions for the hospitality industry in international markets.

We also offer hospitality management services suite to the independent and small hotel groups enabling them to improve their market share and profitability.
We offer industry-specific solutions of world-class performance materials as well as develop marketing and distribution solutions and provide technical support services for industrial and agricultural products, with a focus on construction and environmental equipment.
We are committed to provide superior services to businesses and individuals alike in mobile devices, computers and peripherals. It offers our valued business partners an array of services that include customized, innovative and efficient marketing, logistics and customer-care solutions.
This is an integral part of all our business units. It serves both internal and external customers through a wide range of services including customized logistics and warehousing, cold chain and fleet management, print and bulk distribution, E-commerce and gift delivery as well as domestic and international courier services providing a complete end-to-end solution for all our business activities.